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Meet the team!

Chloe R

Chloe Rivett

Hello, my name is Chloe Rivett and I am a third year law student studying LLB Law. Alongside my core units, this year I am also completing Level 6 Cilex in civil litigation and conveyancing.

I opted for a CLE unit because I wanted to take part in a more practical unit as opposed to a dissertation and I also felt that it would provide me with experience that no written unit could provide. As a result of this opportunity, I will gain valuable experience and skills that I will be able to use in real life practice.

In terms of career aspirations I hope to go on to practice and qualify as a Chartered Legal Executive in conveyancing.



Connor Raine

I am a third-year law student at the University of Portsmouth. I opted for a Clinical Legal Education unit because I wished to gain practical legal experience alongside classroom learning of the law. It has also provided an opportunity to experience a variety of areas of law, and I have most enjoyed clients with issues regarding employment law. I am now more certain that I wish to practice as a solicitor in employment law.


Dean Outten

My interest in law first began when I was in college as I realised how law is in every aspect of life. It is for that reason I have progressed my legal studies to university level where I am now in my final year of my LLB Law degree.

Choosing the clinic was a simple choice due to my career aspirations to become a solicitor, I saw this as an opportunity to gain an insight as to what practicing would be like. I have also volunteered at the Citizens Advice Bureau in an attempt to gain further experience.

The Clinic has already provided me with invaluable work experience and as a result I have gained an understanding of the importance of attention to detail, time management and organisation. Upon graduation I am hoping to undertake my LPC at the University of Law in Guildford.


Harriet George

My name is Harriet George and I am in my third year of studying a combined honours degree; LLB Law with Criminology. I opted to take the CLE unit because after gaining work experience over the past summer, it made me eager to take what I had learnt in theory and apply it in practise. I hope to improve my client communication skills during my clinics, and be able to explain the law in a way which is understandable to my client, whomever they may be. This is a key skill when practising as a solicitor, which is what I aspire to be. Outside of my studies I have achieved my grade 8 singing and hope to take this further and complete a singing diploma over the summer of 2018. 


Jack MacFarlane

Recently returning from a placement year working for Interserve FM Ltd and TJ Transport, I am now completing the final year of my LLB Law degree. Throughout my degree I have always excelled in practical units such as Art of Persuasion and Advocacy, with this in mind I wanted to tailor the final year of my degree to my strengths of interpersonal and communication skills. I have career aspirations in later life to become a barrister, therefore it is crucial to my success that I attain as much legal and life experience as possible to put myself at an advantage when entering into such a competitive field.  Currently working part time for TJ Transport, studying full time, working in the general legal advice clinic once a week whilst also training for the Portsmouth Marathon in December 2017 I am having to manage my time efficiently and effectively this year.


Lauren-Ann Lee

I am in my third year studying law with criminology alongside running my own beauty business outside of university time


Madison Reid

Hello, I’m Madison. I am in my 3rd year of studying Law (LLB) which I enjoy a lot. I chose to take the CLE unit because it offers a hands-on approach to law and I enjoy interacting with and helping individuals. I’m hoping to improve my communication skills and my interaction with different client needs. The CLE offers a range of different areas of law to gain experience in which allows me to make a more informed decision about my future career path. Currently I enjoy the cooperate side of law as I like taking on a project and putting my whole focus on it from start to finish. When I’m not focusing on my course, I am actively involved in the Pole Fitness society as it is a very challenging and painful sport. I am lucky enough to be competing in the South West University Pole Competition in February in the intermediate category.  


Nana Agyemang

My name is Nana Agyemang. I am from the Netherlands. I study LLB Law. The reason why I choose the GLA is I wanted to learn the practical side of law.  By learning how to give client advice and how to do detailed analysis on their case in order to deliver the best service I can to the client. I have been on a missionary trip in Thailand. I enjoy judo and boxing.


Raysa N Darmen

My name is Raysa N Darmen and I am studying Law with International Relations. The reason I choose the CLE unit is that I am interested in the practical aspect of Law. The CLE unit has given me the opportunity to interact with people with real life issues as well as developing both my communication and research skills.

I want to attain a career as a solicitor since my passion has always been wanting to help others with their problems and provide help for them. I would also like to start up my own business in providing legal service for people in the future.

An interesting fact about myself is that I have lived in 5 different countries and I was a girl scout.

I enjoy taking landscape photography, I taught myself how to knit during the summer and I play the piano. 


Sofia Loshkareva

I am a final year Law student. I speak 3 languages and I love reading. I have chosen Law as my career path because I was always empathetic, I liked helping people where and when I could. The Legal Advice Clinic provided me with that opportunity and I am very grateful to be the part of this very practical and unique unit. Next year I will be studying LPC at the University of Law in Guildford. I am planning on becoming a solicitor, specialising in Private Client Law.