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Law in Practice team receive the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence

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This year, for the first time, the Vice-Chancellor gave staff and students the opportunity to make nominations for an award in recognition of an exceptional contribution to the university and local community.

The awards attracted over 130 applications, and 14 winners were selected, a mixture of individuals and teams, staff and students.We are very pleased and proud to say that the law in practice unit was one of those selected 14!

The awards ceremony took place last Wednesday 13th June, with all the recipients gathering with their nominators to receive their award, and then share a lovely lunch in the sunshine afterwards.

The law in practice team was recognised for giving students the opportunity to provide free quality legal advice to the local community, providing those students with essential skills and helping the not for profit sector in Portsmouth fill the gap following legal aid reforms. Students, on successful selection, undertake the law in practice unit in level 6. It is a 40 credit unit, and requires a commitment of at least 100 hours in either the general legal advice or small claims clinic, together with 3 assessment pieces.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Graham Galbraith said at the ceremony:

I’m very pleased that we’ve introduced the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence this year, to celebrate the positive difference our staff and students have made to the University and community. Our success as a top 25 university with gold-rated teaching would not be possible without the creativity, dedication and passion of our staff and students. They invest an enormous amount of skill and effort into realising the University’s values, ambition and success. Their outstanding achievements deserve to be recognised in this way.”



The law in practice team were all in attendance and enjoyed hearing about the diverse range of projects that staff and students have been involved in, for example the staff and students on the applied theatre unit created 6 original pieces that they then performed to over 500 school children in the city. The school of health sciences and social work delivered CPR training to over 125 school children on the IOW in response to the statistic that 270 children a year will die at school due to a heart attack. This is just a small example of the interesting and inspiring work that staff and students at the University of Portsmouth are carrying out in the community and beyond.

You can read more about the Vice-Chancellors awards here .


Gemma Hargrave

Senior Teaching Fellow and Solicitor



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